Developing advanced information portals is our core business. Our involvement with this technology started in 2001 with a contribution to open source project Apache Jetspeed. Jetspeed project was very influential in defining industry standards for portals and portlets. Some of our ideas made its way into those standards (see JSR-168). Our flagship product, NGS*Portal, has evolved from our early efforts to develop information portals. Over the years we enhanced it with business features which were missing in its open source sibling. It is general purpose enough to develop internet and intranet websites for governments and businesses.
NGS*PortalA general purpose Java portal development framework based on Apache Jetspeed and various other open source projects. It enhances the Jetspeed functionality by providing some core business services including email, captcha, PDF generation, ecommerce and user monitoring to name the few

NGS*Portal CMS Component

CMS component provides Content Management System services within the portal. Reference implementation interfaces with OpenCMS.Next Generation Solutions, Ltd. is an OpenCMS Solution Provider

NGS*Portal Directory Component

Formerly known as POD (Public Officials Directory), this component provides directory services for department-oriented organizations

NGS*Portal OCFA Component

OCFA component interfaces with Open Case Filing Agent product.

NGS*Portal Picture Gallery Component

PICGAL component provides a set of portlets to display galleries of images as slideshows.
NGS*Portal SQLRS ComponentSQLRS component interfaces with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service. It allows to publish SQLRS reports as portlets.

NGS*Portal Webstats Component

STATS component provides interface to popular website statistics products such as AWSTATS.

NGS*Portal Event Registration Component

EVENT component delivers platform for on-line program registration and payment. See this component in action at ActiveNWI website
NGS*Portal PluginA Maven plugin for building custom portals using NGSPortal distribution. Based on Jetspeed-1 Maven plugin, it adds variety of useful goals for building, deploying and managing NGS*Portal-powered portals.