NGSPortal is a Java portal development framework based on Apache Jetspeed and various other open source projects. It enhances the Jetspeed functionality by providing some core services including email, captcha, pdf and user monitoring. It also, provides flexible component architecture for extending its core functionality. Some of the available components include: content management system interface (CMS), workflow for court case filing agent (OCFA), picture gallery (PICGAL), department info directory (POD), SQLServer Reporting Services interface (SQLRS) and website statistics interface (STATS).

"Out-of-the box", NGSPortal is already a portal solution which with little customization includes the following advanced features:

  • Automatic website generation

  • Department home pages

  • Related department pages

  • Department news and event pages

  • Department and staff directory page

  • Department FAQ and top FAQs pages

  • Google search and maps

  • more...