Case Study: Town of Griffith, IN

ChallengeThe Town's website was adequate but very static in nature. Also, the Town did not have the expertise nor time to enhance the website to meet their growing needs.
SolutionAfter spending some time with the members of Town's council, we got pretty good idea on what they wanted. The Town desired an esthetically pleasing and well organized website which was easy to maintain by individual departments. Also, they had plans for ecommerce applications in the near future.

We developed a quick prototype using NGSPortal and once the Town accepted the website's layout, we set out to work with each department to gather their special content requirements.

One of the requirements was providing the Town with hosting and email solution. We worked with the Town Council to create custom and cost-effective package which included website hosting platform, email with webmail capabilities and monthly support.

The resulting solution empowered each department to maintain their own content and yet provided centralized control over the published content. Due to the advanced features of the website, user training took an extra effort but, in the end, the Town was pleased with the end result.

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